Here you can see a copyedit I did for a cancer survivor in Australia. This piece was about 5,000 words of his coming autobiography.

This client was very happy with the edit, and had the fully polished article on his website within a few days.

Real-World Examples

If you're anything like me, you need to SEE what you're getting into even before you make that first move. Here are a few examples of work I have done in my two areas of expertise: memoirs and business books/content. My approach is direct but friendly. I naturally develop a relationship with you while I make hundreds of edits to propel you toward effective, powerful communication, and a strong reputation—all the while preserving your irreplaceable voice. 

Business Content

This demonstrates a time when I used line editing and copyediting to bring clarity to a bio on a website. You can check out the full website (which I proofread) here:

This work was done on a volunteer basis. Thank you, NSCO, for the work you do!


This is from a 20,000-word now-published manuscript that is thoughtful, reflective, memoir-like, and philosophical. This was line edited and copyedited. Here you can see the copyediting aspects. I was honored to get a special recognition from the author in the end of his book. It was a pleasure to work with him and read his content!

You can purchase it here:

Business Book

This is a copyedit paired with a line edit on a 50,000-word business book from an experienced operations manager.

You can see edits changing hyphens, capitalizations, order of words, and more.

On the righthand side, you can see my comments, questions, and explanations for edits.

This is what a full standard edit looks like.






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"Adeline was very approachable, then delivered a very efficient, knowledgeable, thorough and caring service."

- Dane, Memoir Author

"Awesome, smart, business savvy proofreader who understands her job in and out. She's more detailed oriented than most. I would work with her again."

- Ann, Nonfiction Book Publisher

"Adeline's technical skill is outstanding. It was her perspective, patience, and persistence that made working with her a dream. [Her] proofreading, copy editing, and line editing created a polished final product. . . . I look forward to working with her again and recommend you work with her too!"

- Sarah, Board Director

"I connected with Adeline on LinkedIn and after a few messages we chatted and I shared a small editing project with her. She knocked it out of the park by going above and beyond what was required for this project. I look forward to teaming up with Adeline on future projects!"

- Tim Jacobs, Publisher

"Adeline's practical, no-nonsense approach is great for cutting past the haze of weary rewording and giving fresh perspective. Adeline gave direct, honest suggestions on how to improve my website text and its impact, and even just a few of her suggestions helped it right away. I especially appreciated her pointing out of redundancies. . . . She was also willing to clarify and give more thoughts when I had questions, which I appreciate so much. (And if she were to edit this testimonial, she'd probably be able to cut it down by a third if I asked her to. She's good that way!)"

- Emma Flournoy, Proofreader

You? In just a few weeks?

The next review could be yours.

- Ideal Client, Business Book or Memoir Author

"Adeline was excellent to work with! Most of all she was proficient, professional, and kind. I am very glad to have worked with Elevated Edit."

- Andy, Nonfiction Author and Podcaster

"Thank you! Yes. My team didn't catch all that. I needed to look like I knew what I was saying. It looks so much better now. I'll be back!"

- Business Marketer

"It’s not only authors who need editing and proofreading services. I write a lot of content for my business and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. But I haven’t studied the Chicago Style Manual as Adeline has! . . . I was struggling with stylistic and grammar inconsistencies . . . I trust Adeline’s expertise from our interactions on LinkedIn and I knew she was the right person to polish my document so I could share it with my clients! If you do ANY kind of copywriting for your business, I highly recommend working with Adeline!"

- Toni Serofin, Nonfiction Cover Designer & Formatter