Work With Me - Process and FAQs


To save you any surprises, I've outlined below what the process of working with me will look like. Of course, you are always welcome to ask questions along the way. 

1. REACH OUTYou send me an email saying who you are and what you are looking for. 

2. PHONE CONSULTATION Assuming that I find you credible, I will reply and ask for a phone consult (backup plan is email) to talk about the scope of the project, whether or not I can help you, and any questions/concerns you might have. I've created a huge time-saving discovery form for you to fill out beforehand. The contact page on this website automatically takes you to it.

3. DECISIONI will send a follow-up email recapping our call, and ask if you want to proceed. If you do, you're welcome to have a one thousand-word sample edit for $30. This way, I'll know what your writing is like, and you'll know what kind of editing you'd receive.

4. TERMS OF AGREEMENT I will send a contractual Letter of Agreement with the service requested, due dates, fees, and a few other things that we will have previously agreed upon. I charge 20% upfront which saves your spot on my calendar and is the green light for my red pen.

5. EDITI get busy! I comb your writing over with a trained eye, reference many tools, and focus sharply on issues that may otherwise be easily missed.

6. INVOICE, DELIVERY, FEEDBACKI will send an invoice for the remaining 80%. Payment is due within 10 days. Once the balance is paid, I will send over your edited document and some bonus documents, followed by a thank you email with a request for feedback. 

7. REVIEWYou can accept or deny my suggestions on the document.

That's it! You will then be ready to show off your professionally edited project with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need my edited project back quickly? Is 48 hours too short?

Nope! It really depends on my current work load. I am often willing to take a "rush job" if that's what you need. Be aware, though, that most editors (including myself) will charge extra for a speedy turnaround. 

Is my work kept confidential?

I will never send your work to anyone without your permission. I may mention your project to a friend. If you are uncomfortable with that, please let me know, and we can keep it 100% confidential. 

What if I change my mind after sending over my work?

It happens. If I've spent a significant amount of time working on your project before you cancel it, I will charge you for those hours but no cancellation fee. This is all included in the Letter of Agreement that both parties will sign before I take my pen to your work. 

What are other proofreaders and editors charging?

It depends on the content at hand. Most editors charge more for science, business, and medical projects than they do for a fiction novel. According to the Editorial Freelancers Association, the average proofreader charges between $0.02/word and $0.04.word, the average copy editor charges between $0.02/word and $0.05/word, and the average line editor charges between $0.04/word and $0.05/word. You can see the details here: View my rates here: