You didn't come this far to settle for flaws


Finishing up your memoir or business book?

Let me guess . . . you are working to:

Build your authority 

Teach others what you know

Leave a legacy

But to do that successfully, there are a few elements you MUST have:

Credible writing (or people will dismiss your writing)


Readability (or people will dismiss your book)

The tough truth is that you can’t achieve those things by yourself. 

Sure, you do the writing, and that’s a huge accomplishment.

But you can’t be Jack-of-all-writing-skills, okay?

When I work with you to professionally edit your manuscript, my biggest priorities are helping you achieve your GOALS, presenting the content as PROFESSIONALLY as possible so that it reflects well on you and builds your reputation, PERFECTING each line and word as much as humanly possible, and giving you the freedom to feel CONFIDENT when your book gets published to the world. 

Next steps?

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Let’s see if I can help you.

"Adeline did an amazing job on our proofread! Her communication throughout the process was fantastic. She followed our requests on how to complete the proof to the letter. Her feedback was clear and useful and honestly she went above and beyond what was expected. I couldn't have written (ha) a better experience for myself. If I ever write again I will definitely come back to her for copy edit or the proof! 1000% recommend her to any writers out there!"

- Sertrice, Business Book Author

"After publishing around 200 books, working with many different proofreaders, you are the best proofreader I have ever hired! Detailed. Thorough. And very attentive. I look forward to working with you again! Phenomenal work."

- Kory, Nonfiction Book Publisher

"Adeline took my words to the next level by line editing my draft. She tightened up my writing and gave great suggestions for how to more clearly communicate my ideas. She was a pleasure to work with and the whole client experience was smooth and seamless. I would highly recommend working with Adeline."

- Laura, Entrepreneur and Business Book Author

"Adeline is incredibly thorough and impressively speedy. As an editor myself, it was a pleasure to work with her because she has a well-thought-out justification for every edit she makes. From start to finish, Adeline provided top-notch service, and I hope to grab more spots in her schedule for future projects."

- Allison Goldstein, Editor/Proofreader


Hello, I'm Adeline Hull, your next editor

Written content is more common than it ever has been. Either you are educating through content or you are being educated through content. Quality of content builds credibility, authority, and trust. This means quality of content can either make you or break you. You don't need to cross your fingers before publishing your next book. You can display your work to the world with confidence. 

Can you believe it?

The Chigaco Manual of Style (17th edition) is 936 pages. Much like other writing manuals regarding the English language, the CMOS would take months to study and comprehend due to its density and complexity. Save yourself the extra work. Most editors, including myself, are at least familiar with the CMOS, maybe even cover to cover, as it is known as the bible of editing. An editor is trained to take your work further than you alone can.

I didn't know this until I paid to learn...

Dialogue tags should not be nonverbal unless used with a period. "It was a beautiful night," she smiled. is incorrect. However, It was a beautiful night," she whispered, smiling. and It was a beautiful night." She smiled. are correct. It takes quite a few Google searches to figure out the rules about this (and more), and can be such a waste of time. I can save you that time

Attention, online marketers!

In 2017 an article by ScienceDaily was published regarding what breaks trustworthiness on the Web. Typos look like carelessness. Mispellings are taken to mean you have a lack of education. Incorrect facts discredit your knowledge. I am specifically trained on how to catch all of these errors and more. 

Enough headaches!

Is it lay or lie? Awhile or a while? Who or whom? Farther or further? Compliment or complement? Free or for free? On to or onto? That or which? 

Solving a few of these takes only a few minutes. But think: Even a short blog is about 1,000 words. That's 1,000 words you have to make sure are correct individually and correct in relation to each other. Let someone skilled and trained relieve that headache from you so you will be free to move on to something that you enjoy and excel at!

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